Bratislavský BEH

Saturday, 28. September, 2019 - 11:15

Bratislava Rača - Amphitheater in Knižkova dolina


7:00 - 9:30 - long route
8:00 - 10:30 - short route

10:00 – long route
10:45 – short route - elektrobike
11:00 – short route
Results announcement: 15:00
Raffle: 15:30
Entry fee:
€15 – online registration until 25.9.2019
€20 – at the venue

Entry fee includes:

  • Race number – participants online registered until 20.9.2019 will get personalised race number
  • Refreshment at the routes, warm meal and soft drink at the finish area
  • First three in each category will be awarded with valuable prize
  • Raffle with 10 prizes 

Race conditions:

  • 100% status of the bike and racers health
  • A certified cycling helmet firmly attached on the head during the race is mandatory. Riders without helmets will be disqualified and their race number will be excluded from raffle

To be provided at the finish:

  • washing of bicycles
  • snacks
  • presentations and sales stands

Final conditions:

  • All participants start at their own risk.
  • Promoter is not responsible for any damages caused to participants during the event and for any damages caused by them.
  • All participants must behave in a sporting manner and, as far as possible, allow faster participants to safely get ahead them.
  • It is forbidden to dispose any waste (empty gel tubes, sticks, drums, banana peels etc.) except of the refreshment stations area. Violation will be punished by the disqualification of the racer and the exclusion of his starting number from the raffle.
  • If a participant for any reason leaves the track, he must return to the track at the same point as he left, otherwise he will be disqualified (DSQ).Entitlement to a free coffee machine arises only upon personal take over of the coffee machine on day of the event. The race is held in every weather. In the case of cancelation of the event due to a natural disaster or an epidemic, the entry fee will not be returned. Deposits of pre-registered competitors who do not participate in the race will not be refunded. Promoter reserves the right to change the program.

Every event participant notes that during the race, the photo service of the partner of the event will be on the track. At the same time, he agrees to send an e-mail from the partner of the event referring to the photographs taken. This approval is valid for a maximum of 15 days after the end of the event.
Race categories

Long route 50 km: Juniors 15-18yrs (2003 – 2000)
Long route 50 km: Junior girls 15-18yrs (2003 – 2000)
Long route 50 km: Men 19-29yrs (1999 - 1989)
Long route 50 km: Men 30-39yrs (1988 – 1979)
Long route 50 km: Men 40-49yrs (1978 – 1969)
Long route 50 km: Men 50-59yrs (1968 – 1959)
Long route 50 km: Men 60+yrs (until 1958)
Long route 50 km: Women G 19-39yrs (1999 – 1979)
Long route 50 km: Women H 40+yrs (until 1978)
​Short route 21 km: Juniors 15-18yrs (2003 – 2000)
​Short route 21 km: Junior girls 15-18yrs (2003 – 2000)
​Short route 21 km: Men 19-29yrs (1999 - 1989)
​Short route 21 km: Men 30-39yrs (1988 – 1979)
​Short route 21 km: Men 40-49yrs (1978 – 1969)
​Short route 21 km: Men 50-59yrs (1968 – 1959)
​Short route 21 km: Men 60+yrs (until 1958)
​Short route 21 km: Women G 19-39yrs (1999 – 1979)
​Short route 21 km: Women H 40+yrs (until 1978)
Short route 21 km: E-bike category PEDELEC MEN
Short route 21 km: E-bike category PEDELEC WOMEN
Short route 21 km: E-bike category OPEN